Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Paws ™ – pet safe ice melter – is the safest for the environment.

A new line of more effective and environmentally safe ice melt products is available for the pet industry from ARB Distributing. For pet owners there is the added benefit that they are safe for pets’ paws and digestive systems. Pete Vercouteren, a chemist by trade, has created Happy Paws ™ to fill the need for an ice melter that is very effective, good for the environment, and safe for application by pet owners and veterinarians.

Presently, the most frequently used products in the winter to keep our sidewalks and parking lots safe and clear of ice and snow are salt and chloride based ice melters. Rock salt or halite is the most common and is corrosive and harmful to vegetation as well as dangerous for children and pets. Recently, calcium chloride products have become popular. This is a particularly harsh chemical that heats up and can actually burn skin and kill vegetation, is extremely harmful to children and pets.

Tests show Happy Paws is the safest for the environment - Happy Paws ™ is a derivative of Calcium Magnesium Acetate, which is the safest deicer on the market–safe for concrete, lawns, shrubs and other vegetation. No more corrosive than tap water. It is safe for lakes and streams runoff under normal usage, and safe for animals.

Urea is a bio-degradable chemical that is most commonly used in fertilizers. While urea may not harm your pet’s paws, it also won’t melt your ice very well. An over application of urea is inevitable as you struggle to melt ice with it. This will have damaging effects to the surrounding vegetation and contamination to water runoff. Urea is basically fertilizer, and large amounts of nitrogen from fertilizer is harmful to vegetation, lakes and streams – causing high algae growth and low oxygen. Also the price per pound of urea makes it a very expensive due to the amount needed to try to melt ice. It is a highly impractical ice melter.

Our product, Calcium Magnesium Acetate, is safe for the environment. Now that we are all thinking “green” we realize the importance of caring for the environment. Happy Paws™ biodegrades to carbon dioxide and water. It is essentially non-toxic to aquatic species, thus safe near lakes and streams. Calcium and magnesium in Happy Paws™ increase soil permeability causing slow mobility and is unlikely to reach groundwater. Happy Paws™ does not contain nitrogen or chlorides making is safe for vegetation. Our tests prove that 100 percent Happy Paws™ is the safest for the environment. Happy Paws™ works at lower temperatures than standard rock salt, but with a lasting effect, longer than either salt or urea, so it requires fewer applications, saving money in the long run.

No other ice melter on the market today is as safe and effective. Testing information is available upon request.