Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Earth Friendly and Pet Safe Ice Melt... here's Happy Paws ! (part 1)

Earth Friendly and Pet Safe Ice Melt … here's Happy Paws ! (part 1)

Every state in the U.S. has recorded snowfall at one time or another. Obviously there are many southern states that do not have any need for snow and ice removal, however, for a large portion of the country, winter snow management is a huge deal. Our lives don't stop in winter. We don't hibernate... we need to keep our roadways, driveways, and sidewalks clear and safe of the icy elements while we go about our daily activities for those cold winter months of the year.

The most commonly used and readily available ice melting product that has been used for years has always been halite, or standard rock salt. While it is a cheap way to clear your sidewalk, and make your area safe from the slippery dangers of an icy walk to your door, that could result in personal injury or some kind of lawsuit, salt is not always your best choice. Most likely it isn't a good choice at all. What many people don't realize is that rock salt, or sodium chloride, is a highly corrosive, and damaging chemical. It can wreak havoc on your concrete, kill your surrounding grass and plants, and believe it or not, harm your pets !
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  1. Important topic, esp. this year in the mid-Atlantic we've been hit with more snow/ice than usual. From what I can tell from my quick online search, looks like CMA (Calcium magnesium acetate)-based products are better than any of the salts (sodium, potassium etc.) and work better than urea. Not sure if that's what Happy Paws contains, but I know Happy Paws gets good marks by some. CMA is more expensive but if it saves my sidewalk/driveway, plants, and our water, it's worth it! Brad

  2. Take a look at Safe Paw the no salt ice melt. This is guaranteed to be safe for pets, children the enviroment. It was chosen as the Green Ice melt of choice for the Vancouver Winter olympics and the Parents choice. Will not harm side walks, concrete plants. The Urea based products runs into problems with over fertalization, magnisuem Chloride becomes hard as a rock when sitting in an area with water or dampness. Salt has many dangers. Read the warning labels on all the products and then decide.

  3. Doreen,

    Actually Safe Paw is made with Carbynol Diamide, aka: UREA

    Our product is made with CMA. A much better ice melter, and no harmful effects... for pets, concrete, vegetation, non-corrosive to metals... etc.

  4. Funlovingpets - should take a look at our product instead. New packaging coming this year.

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  5. Carbonyl Diamide and glycol, is not the safest thing for the environment. Here is some info on what glycols have done to a trout stream:

    "Happy Paws Ice Melt" and "Liquid Happy Paws" are proven to be the safest ingredients and very effective ice melters.